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Welcome to the National Water Quality Trading Alliance

A national consortium of leaders from the business, governmental, non-profit and regulated community focused on enhancing and expanding market-based opportunities for improving water quality and accelerating the restoration of watersheds. The National Water Quality Trading Alliance (NWQTA) works to support comprehensive and coherent government rules and policies on trading as well as the development of new and existing state and regional trading markets, while serving as a platform to advance the science and ecological effectiveness of water quality trading.

What is the NWQTA?

The National Water Quality Trading Alliance (NWQTA)
is comprised of members who are interested in the laws, science
and policy underlying water quality trading (“WQT”).  
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Become a Member

The NWQTA is anchored by a diverse
growing group of members.
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“This group will fill a vital leadership role by bringing together leaders who are committed to advancing the integrity, scientific rigor, and defensibility of water quality trading. The Alliance will serve as a central champion, convener and catalyst that will enhance market-based mechanisms for protecting our Nation’s waters,”

- Benjamin Grumbles / President, U.S. Water Alliance, founding Member of the National Water Quality Trading Alliance.