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The National Water Quality Trading Alliance (referred to herein as “NWQTA” or the “Group”) is comprised of members who are interested in the laws, science and policy underlying water quality trading (“WQT”).  The NWQTA’s mission and goals specifically include the following:

  1. Develop and enhance opportunities for private investment in water quality improvement projects
  2. Foster communication and commerce between sectors utilizing WQT and other market mechanisms
  3. Promote the enhancement of existing state and regional trading markets and the establishment of new markets that are economically and ecologically sound
  4. Serve as an informational resource for WQT managers and practitioners
  5. Provide a platform and vehicle for advancing and disseminating information on the science and ecological effectiveness of WQT
  6. Identify and overcome barriers to WQT
  7. Monitor challenges to federal, state and local WQT programs and participate in those challenges in order to support and defend WQT, where appropriate
  8. Enhance and promote informed communication, coordination, certainty and comfort in the application of WQT at all levels
  9. Maintain up-to-date information on WQT programs, projects, grant funding opportunities and studies
  10. Educate stakeholders and the public about the benefits of WQT